The Dice Vault is a Real Hardwood item handmade by BlackBird Tabletop Creations. It securely contains one set of polyhedral dice, and looks beautiful either displayed in your home or traveling to your game session. The vault is hexagonal (six-sided) and nestles each die in its own felt-lined "pocket." All exposed wood is sealed with food-grade Danish Oil made from Tung Oil and Citrus Solvent; it smells fantastic!

The Dice Vault is held securely closed with a set of rare-earth magnets.

Our Standard Vaults are made from real hardwoods at $29.99: Poplar or Red Oak.

Our Deluxe Vaults are made from exotic hardwoods at $34.99: Purpleheart, Padauk, Mahogany, or Zebrawood.

Each Dice Vault can be laser-engraved on the cover with one of the following images at $5.99:

  • A 20-sided Die (d20); displaying a 20
  • A 20-sided Die (d20); displaying a 1
  • A Western-style Dragon
  • An Eastern-Style Dragon
  • A Sun
  • A Crescent Moon
  • A 3-Sided Celtic Knot
  • A 5-Pointed Star
  • A Tree
  • Crossed Swords and Shield
  • Your Initials

For an additional $2.99 we will fill the vault with a set of dice!