Courts of Faerie

Play as Kings and Queens of the Fae Courts, competing to gather the most magic!

You are Kings and Queens of the Faerie Courts. Though the Archfey are currently at peace, you are constantly competing with the other courts to see who can gather the most magic. It isn’t easy; you must constantly guess what magic your opponents will employ, as well as trying to predict the strength of different Elemental Powers throughout the changing seasons.

  • Choose from eight different Fae Kings and Queens!
  • Predict seasonal changes in the Elemental Powers!
  • Use strategy and luck to collect the most magical power!

Courts of Faerie is a modified trick-taking game where each player, represented by an Archfey, attemps to take as many cards as possible. The thirteen Elemental Powers in the game are constantly changing, and so luck and strategy are equally important to success.

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