Character Portraits

You spent tons of time crafting the perfectly balanced character sheet. You know every detail of your intricate backstory. You can role-play your character like an Oscar-winning actor, down to the last quirk and habit. But... what does your character LOOK like? And even if YOU know, how can you show everybody else?

Whether you're a brooding dark elf assassin or a hulking half-orc paladin, having a visual of your character is a real thrill. I can take that seemingly random jumble of stats, a few pieces of information from you, and bring your character to life! In living color, staring right off the page and into your eyes.

All portraits are based on your character's race and class, as well as the appearance information that YOU provide (such as hair and eye color) combined with my artistic vision and library of 3D assets! The result is a unique creation that you can bring to the tabletop or streaming session.

Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, GURPS... any Role Playing Game! I can help you bring your fantasy to life.

What's included? Glad you asked! A Platinum Piece Portrait gets you:

  • Your Custom-Built Character
  • Full Color, Full-Length, Whole Body
  • High-Resolution Image
  • Background/Scene
  • Character "Headshot"
  • Personal or Commercial Use License
  • Multiple Revisions
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Original Source File

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