Brëwmeister lets players find recipes, bid for ingredients, and attempt to brew the very best beers!

The old Brëwmeister at the Hoppy Valley Brewery is retiring at the end of the year, and he's looking for his replacement. If you want to be chosen, you need to find the best recipes, fight for the highest-quality ingredients, and brew the beers that will win you Prestige among your fellow brewers! Do you have what it takes to become the next Brëwmeister?

Choose Your Brew

Each round, players have an opportunity to draw new recipes, pass them around the table, and keep the ones they want. Will you fill your tanks with easy, reliable beers that don't earn you much Prestige, or try for a challenging and complex brew that will be sure to impress if you can pull it off?

Let's Go Shopping

Each turn, you will have three chances to bid on ingredients from the Warehouse, spending your hard-earned Prestige trying to convince the Warehouse Manager that you deserve the very best. Bid too high, and even a successful brew won't earn enough back. Bid too low, and you won't be able to brew at all!

Make a Deal

If all else fails, work together. You can trade ingredients with the other players, or even make a desperate attempt to turn trash into treasure by trading in your unwanted ingredients for a blind draw at the Warehouse!

Time to Brew

Now it's time for all of your hard work, sneaky tactics, wheeling and dealing to pay off... a tank full of beautiful brew! Right? You'll have to roll the dice to find out! Maybe you should have chosen an easier recipe; time to ask the Brëwmeister for a little help.

Süper Sixpäck Advanced Rules

A whole keg's worth of new features are added to the base game with these rules, including strategic depth, six new recipes, and a bunch of ingredients!

  • sixth player option allows an extra friend around the table!
  • Rules for Brewer Personalities, with 12 unique abilities to choose from!
  • Brëwmeister Challenges are now available, and with them the possibility of dramatic twists and come-from-behind victories!

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The Templars and Cathari summon angels and demons to emerge victorious after the apocalyse!

It is the year 1350. Europe is deep within the Late Middle Ages. The world appears to be coming apart at the seams, with famine, plague, and war seemingly everywhere. Peasants are revolting against their masters, and the Catholic Church is on the verge of collapse and schism. Already two men have claimed to be the one true Pope, and the Church is desperately trying to hold on to power. It has chosen to destroy two important sects within its own body: The Templars and the Cathari.

What the Church does not realize was that, through angelic inspiration, both of these sects knew that the end of the world was fast approaching. Each sees the many signs ignored by the rest of the world telling of the coming Apocalypse, and each seeks to prepare for the coming battle. To this end, the small groups of each sect that survived the Church’s purge have begun to prepare. Using ancient rituals and the strength of their belief, they summon and control spirits, including angels, to help them recruit souls to their side. Which sect will win the battle and reign in Heaven for all of eternity?

  • Summon and control either Fallen or Risen Angels!

  • Find and wield powerful Artifacts!

  • Acquire a host of Legendary Creatures and Souls!

GNOSIS is a two-player, deck-building game. One player will control the combative Templars, and the other will control the rigid Cathari. Each sect begins with 12 members: 1 Master, 3 Priests, 3 Monks, 3 Knights, and 2 Petitioners. Each player will summon Angels, acquire Artifacts, control Creatures, and tempt Souls to their side in a bid to trigger (and win) the Apocalypse!

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Courts of Faerie

Play as Kings and Queens of the Fae Courts, competing to gather the most magic!

You are Kings and Queens of the Faerie Courts. Though the Archfey are currently at peace, you are constantly competing with the other courts to see who can gather the most magic. It isn’t easy; you must constantly guess what magic your opponents will employ, as well as trying to predict the strength of different Elemental Powers throughout the changing seasons.

  • Choose from eight different Fae Kings and Queens!
  • Predict seasonal changes in the Elemental Powers!
  • Use strategy and luck to collect the most magical power!

Courts of Faerie is a modified trick-taking game where each player, represented by an Archfey, attemps to take as many cards as possible. The thirteen Elemental Powers in the game are constantly changing, and so luck and strategy are equally important to success.

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