A Book Safe is an item designed to look just like a hardcover book, but with hidden storage inside! It looks perfectly normal filed on your bookcase, and will impress everyone when you open it at your gaming session to revel what's inside! Its cover is made of Genuine Leather.

All of our leather is top-quality upholstery leather that has been upcycled from materials that would otherwise have been wasted. All exposed wood is sealed with food-grade Danish Oil made from Tung Oil and Citrus Solvent; it smells fantastic!

Our Standard Book Safe has an interior lined in Velvet; either Red, Blue, or Black at $49.99

Our Deluxe Book Safe has been carefully subdivided into special areas for holding a set of polyhedral dice, tokens, status rings, tabletop minis, and a velvet-lined area for rolling (which can also hold a small journal and writing implement). Status rings, tokens, and a set of polyhedral dice are all included at $99.99

Each Book Safe can have one of the following items worked into the cover at $5.99:

  • A 20-sided Die (d20)
  • A Sun
  • A Crescent Moon
  • A 3-Sided Celtic Knot
  • A 5-Pointed Star
  • Crossed Swords and Shield
  • Your Initials