The Dice Tower is a large and sturdy device for randomizing dice rolls at the table. Shaped like a stone keep, it offers three entrances at the top, and three exits from the bottom; including two large, curved staricases on either side!

When not being used to keep your dice rolling, it looks fantastic displayed on a desk or shelf.

The Dice Tower is available at $29.99

The side stairs can be made detatchable, held in place by a set of rare-earth magnets, at an additional $5.99

Dwarf Dice are a set of polyhedral dice with an unusual, chunky shape that appeals to the dwarven race. Their surface has a golden sheen. In addition to the usual d4, d6, d8, d12, 2d10, and d20, the set includes a Fate Die with +, -, and blank sides.

Not all that glitters is gold, so when the Dwarf Dice don't roll as they should, you can place the offending poly in the included Dice Jail until it decides to behave. When not fighting orcs and giants, this set looks fantastic displayed on a desk or shelf.

A set of Dwarf Dice is available at $19.99

The Monster Die is a giant, 2-inch diameter twenty-sided die! It looks like it is about to explode, with a surface covered in cracks that show red from within. The surface has a silvery sheen, and the numbers are solid black.

To keep the Monster Die from hurting anyone when not in use, it is kept within its own personal cage, with the key dangling from an attached chain. To release the die and roll it, sinply lift the cover from the cage and set it loose on your opponents! When at reast, it looks fantastic displayed on a desk or shelf.

The Monster Die is available at $11.99